Can you recognize your own weak links?

What happens when you move from processing 20 pallets per hour to 90? We helped a food industry client find out: They reduced damaged product complaints by 89%, with a savings of $2 million over three years, along with increased customer service and decreased space requirements, after we identified an automatic pallet hooder that replaced six manual stretch wrap machines.
•  We saved a garment manufacturer $1 million per year in labor costs, plus enhanced service time to customers, by identifying 40 headcount garment counters who could be replaced with two automatic weight scale counters.
•   A food industry client cut annual salary expenses by $600,000 – reducing their non-variable head count by 42% – after following our recommendations for several organizational realignments and work shift reductions.

It’s difficult for in-house personnel to identify their own weaknesses. Let Meraki Warrior use our expertise and experience to help you build a strong supply chain.