“In the years that John and I have worked together on multi-echelon complex supply chain fulfillment, I found John to be extremely proficient, professional and diligent in his efforts. His expertise in the supply chain arena is the result of decades of exposure to a wide variety of issues and challenges faced by both domestic and international firms as they strive to LEAN their operations. I wholeheartedly endorse John for any supply chain engagement and will be glad to speak to any potential prospect for added information as required to move their decision to leverage the broad expertise John brings to your solution.”
– Stephen Slade, Senior Director, Supply Chain Applications, ORACLE

“I have known John Jacobs for over 10 years both in business and as a friend.

John is vastly diversified in his business experience and I have found him to be one of the most creative and strategic person I have ever known.

I would have no hesitation in recommending John for any company.”
– Gary Lim, CEO, Flagship Food Group

“I have been lucky to know John for over five years now. First of all, and most importantly is his character. Character, good morals, and good business sense do not always go together anymore. The first thing you think about with John is how good a person he is and how he is one of the first people you would call in a pinch. Trust me, I already have made that call and his response was exactly what I needed. I got to know John when he sold his business to Creo Capital and I got a chance to see how he successfully ran his distribution system. I spent my first 20-year career in retail distribution so I could really appreciate how great of a model he set up at Sataria Distribution. He set up a very successful, stream-lined operation and also hired good people to run it with, which is key. Having a good plan, and surrounding yourself with good leadership are a great combination. John was very active with our leadership team at Creo and Flagship, and I was able to learn a lot from him. He is a great person, both in business and a personal level.”
– Carlos Angulo, Legacy Innovative

“I have known John for many years and admire him for his achievement in moving from teaching school and coaching school kids football to buiding up a successful company by working for Ingredion and recognizing the opportunity to establish his own logistics company and provide a service that Ingredion and others needed and was willing to pay for. John and his company has helped many of my clients improving their Safety process and their Financial bottom line while improving service to their customers. Many people have been in similar situations but lacked the initiative and willingness to “fail” and thus failed to take advantage of the opportunity. John did take the risk and succeeded.”
– Dennis Finn, Principal, Colorado Ventures Ltd.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing John for about 5 years. I was the CPA for his businesses and in that capacity got to know him quite well. He is unique in that he has combined a talent for careful but efficient management but with a broad brush style. By that I mean he is able to cover important details in a very quick and efficient manner. He can do this because his experience in so many different venues. He knows about production, moving products, buying and selling, legal documents, management, personnel and efficiency. He can “cut to the chase” quicker than anyone I know. He can stand apart from the things that are unimportant and put together a quick plan for progress. For all of those reasons he was a pleasure to work with.

But perhaps the most important thing about John are his ethics. He is fair to everyone. He operates from a very high degree of integrity and it is contagious. People that work with him relate in the same way. I always felt I could trust John and that speaks volumes. I would recommend John to anyone. Ethics and intelligence is as tough combination and that is exactly who he is.”
– Christine Cassidy, CPA

“I have known John Jacobs for 40 years. He is a decent, honest, hard working guy.
He will serve his clients well. No doubt in my mind!
I recommend him without reservation.”
– Howard Brumbaugh, MD

“I first met John when we became roommates in a college dormitory. I knew immediately that he was different. He had natural human relations skills and an inquisitive mind. He was humble yet confident and could listen better than anyone I had ever known. I had no doubt that John would become a wonderful educator and administrator as he possessed all the skills to be a tremendous “life coach” for young people. I was not surprised when John eventually became an accomplished executive in the corporate world and ultimately a very successful entrepreneur. He was always looking for the next opportunity.

At John’s request, several years ago I helped him with his first attempt to develop an investment property based upon my real estate experiences over the years. We subdivided the property, and I suggested retail prices that offered a significant profit margin. Boy was I surprised to learn a few months later that John was selling the subdivided lots at much higher prices than I had recommended! John had decided not to advertise the prices in advance, but chose to negotiate them with potential buyers on-site – a simple but unique idea! Though he didn’t know it at the time, John taught me that a successful business model can include unseen limitations and boundaries that can always be improved with a little creativity. Yes, John’s corporate and entrepreneurial business record speaks for itself, but on a personal note I am most impressed and happy to speak on behalf of the integrity of the man.”
–Kent Gulley

“In my personal and business experience as a benefits adjuster for the veterans and a veteran myself, my experience with John Jacobs he consistently displays his ability to effectively work closely with individuals of diverse backgrounds, rank, and temperament to enable all parties to achieve their goals. He has helped many veterans to motivate them to help them get readjusted to society and help them with developing their written life plan in achieving their personal and financial sustainable targets.”
– Roger Barnes Veterans Administration

“In the beginning stages of my career John was an angel. He worked with me routinely to keep me grounded and motivate me to bigger and better things. He helped build my confidence. And for that I’m forever grateful.”
– Amanda O’Nan Hilton Head High Principal