Our Services

Our focus is all-inclusive as we study your supply chain from all angles, looking for inefficiencies and potential improvements in:

  • Innovation
  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Safety
  • Facilities
  • Contracts

By studying your workflow patterns and workplace design, we help you identify unnecessary or duplicate functions, find improved systems, improve productivity, quality and throughput volume. This has saved companies we‘ve worked with $1.5 million in ongoing years.

We‘ve saved clients 30% in real labor costs – ranging from $500,000 to $750,000 annually – by installing work measurement, labor productivity, and incentive programs.

Safety is key to a productive workforce. John Jacobs helped a distribution company successfully implement a common-goal safety mission that everyone understood, with no lost-
time accidents for five years / 3.5 million man-hours and continuing. With his help, the same company has achieved a superior GMP rating for the past three years.

Jacobs and associate Sarves Peri hold a patent for a Safety Management System for remotely collecting safety information and for forecasting one or more future safety incidences based on the collected safety information.

Jacobs also built a 600,000 square-foot distribution facility, saving the company $700,000 in shuttle costs and $600,000 in storage costs annually.

An effective supply chain strategy should cover Quality, Service, and Cost,
focusing on the way all three contribute to Customer Expectations and Employee Safety. We believe these points must be in balance, like three points of a triangle, for a sustainable, successful operation.