Any weakness in your supply chain
can create issues that manifest as
safety problems, excessive costs or quality concerns.

Meraki Warrior helps mid-size manufacturing and distribution companies identify the inefficiencies that put your employees, equipment, products, customer relations or your financial stability in harms‘ way and provide solutions to create an unbreakable chain.

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An effective supply chain strategy should cover Quality, Service, and Cost,
focusing on the way all three contribute to Customer Expectations and Employee Safety.

We believe these points must be in balance, like three points of a triangle, for a sustainable, successful operation.

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Can you recognize your own weak links?

What happens when you move from processing 20 pallets per hour to 90? We helped a food industry client find out: They reduced damaged product complaints by 89%, with a savings of $2 million over three years, along with increased customer service and decreased space requirements, after we identified an automatic pallet hooder that replaced six manual stretch wrap machines.
• We saved a garment manufacturer $1 million per year in labor costs, plus enhanced service time to customers, by identifying 40 headcount garment counters who could be replaced with two automatic weight scale counters.
• A food industry client cut annual salary expenses by $600,000 – reducing their non-variable head count by 42% – after following our recommendations for several organizational realignments and work shift reductions.

It’s difficult for in-house personnel to identify their own weaknesses. Let Meraki Warrior use our expertise and experience to help you build a strong supply chain.

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